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Approach and Methodology

Ascent employs a staff of highly experienced business-organisation process consultants. We take our consulting relationships through carefully planned and meaningfully evolving steps.

Need Identification
A team or an individual consultant visits the client organisation for a few days to identify the business processes and operational areas that can be improved. The issues identification is done collaboratively with the client personnel to develop problem ownership among them. We adopt appropriate methodologies of interviews with staff and management, analysis of production, financial, and customer service records, process documentation reviews, etc.

Strategy / Programme Planning
At the end of the study, we prepare a comprehensive report outlining the required interventions. They are normally of the nature of strategy and leadership interventions, organisation restructuring, setting up systems, technology improvements, role clarity, staff training, and culture change in the organisation. These reports and suggestions are discussed with the senior management over a few sittings.

When the clarity emerges among the client personnel, who are stakeholders for the project or identified need areas, a detailed proposal is submitted and discussed upon. When our approach becomes clear to the client and acceptable, we submit the commercial propositions. 

Implementation and Accountability for Results
Operable plans are implemented with targeted time schedules, periodical reviews and midcourse corrections. In reality, a consulting engagement always unfolds new findings, newer issues to be dealt with. Without solving these connected / related issues, the intended results may not be achieved. So we jointly work out possible solutions and timelines so that the client gets the full benefit of our expertise and guidance. We don’t rush through the time schedules and wash off our hands in the pretext of commercial contracts. We take a realistic route of certain give and take approach of pushing, pulling and goading the client personnel at all levels to achieve the planned results.

In the end of all, Ascent believes in leading the clients through an enjoyable journey of learning, striving, struggling and finally achieving those measurable results.  For Ascent, every consulting engagement is an enduring relationship and not just a commercial contract.