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A business organisation’s strategy components include a portfolio of technology and market initiatives, ownership structures, brand and customer value propositions, operational skills, systems, leadership processes, and change management. Ascent facilitates clients to acquire and build necessary insights, skills, systems and processes within the organisation for designing and implementing robust interventions in these portfolios.  Ascent’s consultancy and capacity building facilitation helps the clients drill down systemic thinking and planning approaches as ongoing processes for creating and leveraging opportunities for growth and excellence. We work closely with client personnel at all levels of the hierarchy from top leadership to the front line operations to help the clients unearth potentials for strategic initiatives within the organisation.  More often than not, we found in our experience that the business strategies built and owned by internal leadership and the critical mass of the organization  have had potentials and promises for success in the long term than the strategies adopted or borrowed from outside and just implanted without customization.

Building necessary skills within the organisation, facilitating the learning processes, developing suitable knowledge and information systems, stakeholder communication and buying-in programmes are some of the differentiating services provided by Ascent

Solutions and Service Offerings
With the expertise gained through our vast field experience, Ascent has developed comprehensive frameworks for designing and successfully implementing robust strategic growth initiatives.
Building Strategic Roadmaps
bsrMore often, organisations are found wanting in endurance and leadership vision for identifying appropriate interventions and positioning them in the current business and organisational climate contexts.  The particular intervention that delivers results in one organisational and business environment need not deliver the same results in some other organisational environment even within the same industry. Copy-cat approaches seldom yield results. Ascent advocates a road map approach for helping organisations at different growth levels to sequence and position the interventions strategically so that results and sustainability propensities are maximized.

Competitive Performance Excellence (Compex ©)

This framework is an action model for developing and implementing competitive business strategies involving all sections of the employees and stakeholders in the organisation.  In the process of helping organisations shape up their business / organisational strategies, we facilitate the design and implementation of cse

  • Mission, Goals, Values and Vision Setting
  • Establishing Core Competency and Strategic Thrust Areas
  • Leveraging internal capabilities
  • Identifying national and international business opportunities
  • Competitive knowledge development
  • Creating Customer-focused Learning Organizations