Ascent Leadership and Management Consultants

As a business management / organisational consultant, you will

As a Process  Facilitator and  Trainer  you will

As a Portfolio / Engagement Manager / Team Member , you will   

As a Professional, you will

  • Diagnose and Understand the client requirements beyond what is said
  • Design interventions that is customized to client culture
  • Support implementation with handholding 
  • Anticipate risks and develop mitigation plans
  • Handle culture change management
  • Measure the change impact
  • Institutionalization support
  • Diagnose the competence gaps
  • Design and develop fitting training modules
  • Deliver high impact training interventions that ensure high rate of transfer of learning
  • Conduct impact assessment exercise to measure training RoI
  • Innovate newer methodologies of training
  • Identify Opportunities 
  • Assess and map organisational growth / performance requirements
  • Prepare comprehensive Technical and Commercial proposals
  • Responding  to Enquiries, EOI, RFP, RFQ
  • Lead and manage client engagements 
  • Regularly enrich yourself with current sector and functional knowledge
  • Do research, write /  publish articles, theme papers
  • Participate in Conferences, symposia
  • Develop  / participate in professional networks
  • Commit yourself and get passionately involved in a Social Cause that has Inclusive Growth Objectives 

As a Functional Expert you will: 

Business Strategy: Scan new markets, emerging technologies and identify unique opportunities for our clients to grow in existing product / service lines.  You will also invent new markets through expansion, new products and commercialization approaches and alternatives.

Good Governance Consultancy: Assess the citizen and stakeholder satisfaction and the institutions’ service delivery processes, capacities, infrastructure, technology, legal and structural framework. You will come up comprehensive strategic solutions and handhold the institutions in implementing the solutions. In the process,   suitable to your expertise and functional specialization, you will handle the functional disciplines such as governance processes reengineering,  Change Management, Strategic Planning, E-governance, HR Systems and Competency Building, Performance Management and AccountabilityTransparency and RTI  Mechanisms and Social Audit.   As this is a cross cutting practice, you will opportunity to work in all areas  and departments of government.     

Customer Care Service Strategies:  Be helping clients design True Value for Money and Trust Strategies, through which  they – the clients can provide a superior service excellence experience to their customers and grow up  in the value chain. You will design such high end value chain strategies and practices applying the latest tools and technologies in our client’s product service domain.


Human Capital, Performance Management and Organisation Development: Design newer ways of human capital acquisition, nurturance and development.  You will identify innovative tools, techniques and culture creation mechanisms and develop practical performance management systems   that are beneficial to the clients and their employees- performance optimization, talents development, career growth, financial rewards and recognition. You will also study and diagnose the client’s developmental requirements in terms of business / organisational / operations strategies, systems, processes, technology and people management and architect innovative organisational development plans and implementation tools and techniques. You also will assist and handhold the client management in implementing these tools and techniques


Operations Management and Lean, TQM and Process Improvement:   Diagnose the organisational operational processes and find opportunities for efficiency gains, cost optimization, wastage removal and restructuring. The purpose is to help the client organisation get intensely focused on the customer needs and design and structure all the delivery processes for speed and agility and also for doing more with less.  The redesigned processes shall create opportunities for harnessing the intelligence, experience and creativity of each and every employee.  You will be a practical hands-on expert and adept in using the Lean, TQM and other process improvement and culture creation tools and techniques. 


Technology Advisory and Project Management:  Identify and evaluate engineering, operations and IT technology alternatives   and suggest viable and long term impacting solutions to clients. You will also be a member  or a leader of project management teams  helping the clients putting into action the  specific strategies designed for overall organisational turnaround or improvement of functional processes